COVID Aid to Local Navajo Communities
COVID Aid to Local Navajo Communities

about Sihasin bee Nihxidziil

Our community volunteers purchase and deliver supplies raised through Sihasin bee Nihxidziil to high risk areas impacted by COVID-19.

About Our Cause

PRoviding aid to our navajo communities

The rapid onslaught of COVID-19 has turned our reservation of 174,000 residents into a national hot spot. 30-40% percent of Navajo households do not have running water or electricity, so CDC hand-washing protocols are unrealistic, seen as wasteful and even a luxury. Directives to “self-isolate” are difficult to implement within crowded multigenerational households and small interdependent settlements that are widely separated from one another and from basic services. 

With only 13 grocery stores reservation-wide, a vast territory spanning portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah - the size of West Virginia, food scarcity and lack of fresh foods point to worsening food insecurity and increased health and medical issues.

Sihasin bee Nihxidziil is an on-the-ground community of volunteers purchasing and delivering supplies to high risk areas. Our contributions and donations will go toward the wide-scale effort to strengthen the Navajo communities impacted by COVID-19 by providing critical supplies including needed water, food, sanitation/cleaning, and other priorities identified by community leaders.


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